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January 22nd, 2009

msbabs32: (FYI)
Thursday, January 22nd, 2009 03:59 pm
Considering that I barely use yahoo anymore (and watching it's slow demise), I've been considering moving my main email.  I hesitated for a bit because I have had this email since college.  I used it to organize my wedding, find all my jobs and register for all sorts of things.  I would have to notify everyone and still keep a close watch for a while.  It seemed like it would cause a continuity headache.  I decided to think about it over a few weeks.

I am beginning to realize that my email is not being used almost at all.  I'll go about my life keeping in touch with family & friends, touching base the outer circles of my life, planning and meeting for events and get togethers.  Weeks can pass before I check my email and then find no communications recent or forgotten.  Once upon a time  it was how everyone kept up with each other.  You checked it at least every few hours.  You knew when someone was really busy (or mad at you) when they didn't email you for after a few days.  And it was expected that you respond, even with a one word reply.  Ping for ping. 

Now, aside from work, I find myself blogging and updating various social networking sites - effectively broadcasting.  If I want/need a point to point or private conversation with someone I call them.  I used to text and IM, but then work cut off IM and texting prices went way up.  Aside from holidays and events the only things in the inbox are advertisements, update notifications and news letters.  Even party invitations are sent via evite.  So maybe I'll just keep the status quo.  But it makes me wonder, are others finding themselves using email less and less in their social life?

Leave a comment. Let me know.