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April 4th, 2009

msbabs32: (Cooking)
Saturday, April 4th, 2009 04:11 pm
I grew up in Hawaii eating all sorts of Asian and American food. Some of my favorites were typical for a kid: ice cream and pizza. In college I started to cook for myself and my magic ingredient was soy sauce. I put it in everything, even if just a dash. "Soy makes everything better" was my culinary philosophy and catch phrase. My staples were fried rice, shoyu chicken and dressed up Ramen. I was just discovering the beauty of nuts in salad, bread, candy, etc. I swooned at Pad Thai. I discovered peaches - ambrosia incarnate. I could see my culinary future revealed to me and I was very happy. To boot soy, Asian foods and nuts were now touted as "healthy foods". I was so set.

Then I met my future (and now) husband, N. A week into knowing him I discovered that he was allergic to almost all legumes (e.g. soybean, peanuts), nuts, raw drupes - basically everything I had sworn was culinary center. For the 99% of the population that doesn't know what a drupe is look at this Wiki page. Due to not being able to take soybean oil he had never had any Asian foods, and barely ate any biscuits, buns, cakes or bread products in general. Name a food I gushed about up through that time and N physically could not eat it. We could never go to an Asian restaurant together. We would never share Thai takeout or grab a bowl of pho. It was if he breathed nitrogen instead of oxygen - and was allergic to normal air. I thought "this can't work out. I give it a week, month tops".

It is now several years, an LDR and our wedding later and here we are. N doesn't cook. I do and despite all the challenges I do a very descent job. I decided I should start blogging about my/our culinary adventures in hopes to give and get help, support and company anyone out there in the same situation.