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April 5th, 2009

msbabs32: (Cooking)
Sunday, April 5th, 2009 11:42 pm
Crockpot Stroganoff with Cream Cheese

Given my very busy schedule, I like to do roasts and stews in the crockpot. We have our favorites but sometimes we need a break. So I found stroganoff with cream cheese recipes on the web (N doesn't like the sour cream taste). All of them call for canned cream of mushroom soup. This presents a problem as N is allergic to soy and *all* cream of soups - I looked frigg'n everywhere -of late have soy in them. So instead I found a recipe for crockpot cream of mushroom soup and modified it by halfing the stock and excuding the milk/cream products.

Verdict is - pretty good. I miss the twang of the sour cream, but this is good too. The texture of the meat was very good - soft with just a little bit of chew. The mushrooms were like butter but still had structure. The sauce came out watery, but I triaged it my adding thickener. Once thickened it tasted better. I think some of the flavor was lost in the extra water.

The next time I make it I will exclude almost all the stock and allow the beef to release enough for the "soup" If towards the end it isn't enough I can always add then. I've posted the recipe I'll use next time:  )

Stay tuned for results of the next attempt...