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Friday, May 29th, 2009 09:49 pm
So I am *so* very done with my current phone company. I must admit I was very happy with their customer service but their coverage is so very flaky. In my building I can’t get signal. My phone spends all day looking for service and is dead after only 9 hours. I have a data plan but the connection (when I can get it) is frustratingly slow and basically useless. To boot three is a $200 ETF – flat. That’s right if I cancel 1 day before my contract runs out I pay through the nose.

I've pretty much decided to get an iphone. My company gets a discount, the speed I’ve seen from friend’s phones seems adequate and the number of aps would give me the functionality I want. I’ve thought about the 1, but it’s still with my old carrier and I still wouldn't get service. Also the whole flat ETF thing seriously pisses me off. There are tons of rumors that the next iphone or G2 would be coming out perpetually soon, given that I don't see what extra functionality they could give to make it worth the extra $250.

Luckily for me my contract runs out just barely in time before I go on vacation so I should have a toy to play with on the plane.


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