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Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009 12:53 am

I went to the running store to have them look at my shoes. He said the treads on the shoes looked brand new. Then he squeezed them, looked at me and asked what had I been doing with them. Apparently I broke the midsoles on both in the span of 1 and half a year. I think broke them when I wore to them to work. When I sit I fold my legs under my seat and flex my toes, stretching the midsole. So a new pair of the shoes, this time a wide shoe.
The guy said that I should try running without the insoles. Big Mistake. 4 minutes into the warm-up the outside of my feet started to feel strangled. I stopped the run and limped back to my car. Went home. After I put the roast in the oven I put the insoles in and went out for a lap around the loop. I did pretty well I managed to run the first 5 minutes with very little problems. During the walk I had to play with my laces. I did the second 5 only half way and started to suspect that these wide shoes may be too big for my feet. I’ll see how I do in them over the next run or two.
Last week the feet/knee issues combined to take me off the road for the weekend. I really hope my knees stop hurting. Until then I think I should hang out at week 5.