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Sunday, June 14th, 2009 07:43 pm

I finally made it to the beach for my run! The only path that is not concrete is the path by the marina along the river. I am still having trouble figuring out the right lacing for feet happiness, but things are better in my shoes. My path led me away from the ocean for the first half and back towards it for the second half. The first half was a nice but normal run. The second half I felt like I was flying. I thought “wow, it’s easy to run to the ocean”. And then I noticed my heart rate was near max. And then I realized I didn’t care. I still wanted to run to the ocean as fast as I was. In the end I pulled back on my exuberance and kept my heart rate to just below max. I think I’ll try to do all my runs along the ocean. It’s beautiful out there and it makes it feel not like exercise.