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msbabs32: (plopped)
Tuesday, July 28th, 2009 01:31 am
When I was 15-17 I would have these nights where I couldn't sleep. I wasn't anxious or sad or pissed, just awake. These would happen a couple nights in a row. it really hasn't happened since high school - until tonight. It is past 1 am and my body is giving me no indication that it will tolerate lying down and drifting off. I don't even get that toothpicks holding my lids up feeling. Its as if the rest of the world went to bed very early. I have no projects, meetings, demos or pressing tasks waiting for me at work. The house is in need of chorage but not a single house issue has crossed my mind. Very weird. Hopefully whatever sleep I get can get me through tomorrow.
msbabs32: (caffine)
Friday, September 26th, 2008 02:44 am
I was doing so well for several months; Going to bed between 11 and midnight, sleeping the night through and waking up rested.  Now here I am 2 in the morning.  My brain wants to sleep but the rest of me is awake as if I had snorted espresso grinds. My stomach feels like it has a rock in it  My brain is fuzzy and doing quite a jaunt into ADD land.  I've had to come back to writing this 5 times.  In between writing I've modified my LJ settings, gone looking for more user pics (yes, penguins), creating a shopping list for tomorrow, searched for a tailor to hem my pants, read magazines, looked at buying the Southern Vampire series, etc.  Tomorrow is my day off so tonight's bout won't be too much but, man am i gonna feel out of sync with the world.
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Monday, September 22nd, 2008 01:26 am
     N and I are back in LA now.  The contrast between the serene beauty of Seattle and the constant barrage of Los Angeles became noticeable as soon as we stepped into baggage claim. At first I thought an angry mob had come for us. 
     At first panic set in.  From left to right of my peripheral vision and all the way to the sliding doors was a mass of people.  Yelling, waving papers and gesturing in random unfocused directions, they made me want to run back through the "no return point".  A small pathway to the exit opened and closed like the walls of an artery, as the mob pushed in and retreated back.  Fellow de-planers complicated the scene, crossing  wildly and with little warning.  Then my well honed LA instincts kicked in.  I took a breath and made a beeline for the door as if the crowd would eat me alive if I moved too slowly.  I didn't dare look back to make sure N followed and made it through, but luckily he appeared by me side as we escaped through the doors.
     Not that things got much better.  We still had to catch the bus to long term parking.  For those of you unfamiliar with the bedlam of the LAX arrival level, you may want to sleep with the lights on for a few nights after reading this.  People are forced to wait for a bus on a 15 foot narrow strip of sidewalk.  On both sides cars, tour buses and all other vehicles you can imagine barrel past as fast as they possibly can.  Some point their car at the spot you are standing as they floor it only to turn right before they would jump the curb, taking you and 10 of your fellow human beings with them (from both sides remember).  You stand there a mix of the anxiety of cornered prey and the calm irritation of prima-donnas. 
     Three buses came and went, too full to take anyone from our stop.  When an available bus finally came, it stopped 50 feet short and drop off its load.  Threatening to leave it made everyone run the distance to catch it.  On board people jostled and pushed to stake a spot.  Luckily both of us were able to carve a space.  I'm still not entirely sure if N would have left me and I don't think I would have blamed him.....
     But now we're home and re-steeling ourselves for LA life.  I plan to post thank-you's to all my gracious hosts once I stop clicking my heels together and realize I AM home. :)